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About the book, Lights over Dreary

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Life as Mercy Fisher knows it is about to romp to an end. All Mercy wishes for is a little excitement, but as a bored checkout operator for a local supermarket, the closest she gets to any is the occasional smashed bottle of wine or exploding bag of pasta. Her life takes a turn for the weird and dangerous though when an alien prince, on the run from another dimension, arrives seeking protection from giant space fleas and enemy bounty hunters.

With the prince indignantly trapped in the body of a domestic cat, hilarity ensues as Mercy struggles against the machinations of an evil corporation, puzzles over her past and tries not to throttle her new feline companion for being obnoxious - all the while doubting her own sanity and coming to terms with a set of annoying new abilities. Assassins, killer robots, squishy invisible monsters and kick-ass action abound. Can Mercy save the town from being vaporized by Agents from beyond? Or will her quest for normal un-alien-tampered hair and a boyfriend come first?

Lights over Dreary is the first book in a planned trilogy chronicling the Peculiar Adventures of Mercy Fisher. Book 2 should be released late 2014.

What people are saying about the book

"A wild, fantastical tale full of fast, funny dialogue, bold characters and elastic language. Aliens, other dimensions, government conspiracies and baked beans all play a part in this uniquely high fantasy style of sci-fi."

"I decided to branch out from my usual thrillers and I'm glad I did. It was really funny and an addictive read. Excellent plot and really likeable characters. Some of the more sci-fi references were lost on me but that didn't spoil my enjoyment in the slightest. Can't wait for the next instalment."

About the author

Alison Daines works full-time for a large department store as a retail geek. Unlike Mercy Fisher, she really knows her way around computers and helps customers on a daily basis. An avid fan of the science fiction and fantasy genre, as well as a keen role-player who prefers to delve deeply into her characters rather than dungeon-bashing and abusing monsters, she lives with her partner and hopes one day to get a howling dog and a cute but murderous cat to terrorise the neighbourhood Sopranos-style.